My papers and such on ministry

I just finished the MA Global Leadership in the School of Intercultural Studies at Fuller Seminary. I learned new paradigms of mission and then intersected what I learned with past ministry experience on campus with InterVarsity. What an amazing opportunity!

While I know that my studies are changing me personally, I thought I’d post some of my more general papers in case they help others think about God’s mission in the world. I’d love any comments and discussions on them. (If I can figure out how to turn comments on this page).

I’ve listed the name of the paper and a short excerpt, usually the thesis. some of these papers are written better than others and I have to admit that I have no idea how I will implement all I learned here. “Small steps” is my motto lately. Perhaps something here will be helpful to you too.

House to House: The Case for Missional Attractional Families
“Families are key to God’s mission in the world. Households throughout biblical history have joined in God’s mission primarily by embodying God’s presence and character to attract outsiders to God.” I include this paper because of the urgent need today to tear down the divide between family-life and ministry-life for the sake of holistic mission.

Changing the World through Changing Worldviews: Worldview change through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Purdue Calumet
“The thesis is that a practical understanding of both the worldview of modern/post-modern students and the process of worldview change would result in more effective ministry by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Purdue University Calumet.” I include this paper because it could be a helpful introduction to worldview and its application into ministry.

Getting to Hot: Nominality in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Valparaiso University
There wasn’t a clear thesis in this paper. Yikes! I include it because of Ryan Bolger’s genius missional application of the study of fan culture to Christian groups. Brilliant!

Churches are Everywhere! Missional ecclesiology and Para-church Campus Ministries
“The thesis of this paper is that campus para-church ministries and most “local churches” are para-ecclesial structures whose identity, effectiveness and usefulness are found in how they equip the ecclesiai they serve.” I’m going to make a case for the strong separation between social structures and the people that created them. Any followers of Jesus gathering in response to Jesus’ call and living on mission are “churches,” or better, expressions of the church.

From Reaching to Release: Poverty and development frameworks applied to ministry at Purdue University Calumet
“The thesis of this paper is that insights from transformational development, such as the framework developed by Jayakumar Christian, provide a holistic ministry lens for InterVarsity’s ministry within Purdue University Calumet.” One of my hopes for studying was to learn to look through the eyes of mission at ministry in the West. This was one such lens to use.

Learning to Learn: Senge’s Five Disciplines in the InterVarsity Chapter at Valparaiso University
In this paper, I take senge’s fifth discipline, analyze a campus ministy and make recommendations for growth according to Senge’s work. Honestly, the disciplines mightbe difficult to apply in a student group, given their age and maturity. But it was helpful to interact with Senge’s material and campus ministry.

I have a slew of Bobby Clinton papers that I did, but most of those are either too personal or too detailed to put on the internet. But they were probably the most helpful papers from the whole year of study!